CRAFT CREATED


CERAMIc artist

Juan Francisco Rodríguez (JUAN PACO), ceramist from Béjar (Salamanca), presents his works of ceramic art and craft created using stoneware as the main raw material. At “JUAN PACO CERÁMICA ARTÍSTICA”, he exhibits a unique collection of exclusive bowls, bottles, dishes, jars, pictures and vases obtained by a technique based on the use of different metal salts and honing.

All these handmade ceramic pieces reflect the appreciation and respect of the craftsman for a final product with the highest level of quality, a really original piece of ceramic art.

These ceramics represent a unique gift for someone special. In “JUAN PACO CERÁMICA ARTÍSTICA”, you can find your exclusive piece of ceramic art for your particular purpose: home decoration, company award, memorial trophy or private art collection.


If you have any questions or need further information, please, contact JUAN PACO. Thank you for your visit!